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I really enjoy this time of year, not because it's getting colder either. I'm already over winter. Technically I prefer the beach, however I truly embrace the season of giving. I've always liked the challenge to find the right gift with meaning as well as giving something that I know the receiver will love. Growing up in Memphis, I've always been surrounded by others that celebrate the art of giving. As of last year, did you know that Memphis, TN was listed as the top charitable cities in the U.S.? 

Memphis, TN was listed as the top charitable cities in the U.S.

I love Memphis, it has have so much to offer, but living in the south isn't necessarily the best place to be when it comes to our health. Even though we are a giving community we are not the healthiest. In the same breath as saying we are generous at giving, Memphis is one of the top unhealthiest cities to live in. 

According to Wallet Hub, we are ranked #10 out of 174 cities in America. 

So this month I want to encourage giving but with the intention of giving the gift of health! Having my own business I support small businesses as well as shopping local when possible. It creates so much synergy within our city as well as boosting our economy, supporting jobs and so much more! 

I have compiled a list of gift ideas along with links of some of my favorite local business!

Self Care should be an important part of our life but sometimes our life gets in the way and we neglect ourselves. So I want to start with one of my top things to do, which in a busy world it can be hard, and that is to RELAX.

If you've never experienced the a journey of complete relaxation then the gift of Floatation Rest is best! The Floatation REST is great to relax, meditate and can even reduce pain. It is also called Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy and it's often used for stress reduction, or by those desiring to have deep, meditative experiences. It is a chlorine-free, fluoride-free, warm water tank filled with Epsom salts. One has the option of floating in total darkness and quiet, or choosing ambient lighting and meditative music. With no pressure points and no unwanted stimulation to fend off, one can immerse quickly into a deep, meditative state in which the body relaxes and undergoes its own natural healing work. NeuroSource in the Cordova area has many services but this is definitely one of my fav's! 


While were on the subject of relaxing, my favorite, favorite, favorite personal indulgence is a massage. I could have one everyday! There are many salons around town and all are a little different in experience. The one I frequent is The Lindsey Group. I recommend them for many reasons but the best part about them is the different styles and specialties of each therapist. Not all massages are created equal and you want the right one for the issue at hand. You can discuss which one maybe best for the person your purchasing for. You can ask for Shawn and he can steer you in the right direction.


Most of us today are busy and always on the go. Some sit all day, some may be driving chauffeuring our family around or are traveling business professional. Daily, weekly and monthly maintenance consist of many things to keep our bodies functioning. Even though we may eat healthy, work out and sleep well we should also consider maintenance of our spine and alignment. Our nervous system is a huge factor in feeling our best as well as it telling our body what to do. Chiropractic care is a wonderful way to take care of ourselves and the benefits include improved nerve communication in the body, better posture, improved joint motion and coordination to name a few. I recommend Dr. Mark with New Era Chiropractic. His technique is non-invasive and he uses the NeuroTarget System. It is a special blend of Chiropractic, Functional Neurology, Kinesiology, and several other therapeutic techniques to observe, interpret, and subsequently affect the brain-body relationship. This truly is a gift of health and prevention.


The gift of Spectacular Skin!

Men and women alike should take advantage of having a facial. The benefits of a good facial is it reduces stress, deep cleanses, prevents aging, helps circulation, helps detox as well as other wonderful results. For mini to custom facials, I enjoy going to Chloe at Spectacular Skin. She will leave you refreshed and feeling renewed! 


If your special someone loves to grow their own garden then check in to the Tower Garden.

The Tower Garden is a vertical, aeroponic growing system, allows you to grow up to 20 vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers in less than three square feet—indoors or out. So it’s the perfect companion in your journey toward healthy living. I love mine and I can use it indoors and out! Not to mention it a conversation starter when you have parties!!!


Memberships are a great gift!

From Gyms, Hot Yoga, Spinning Classes - ask for Billy, Zumba, Bounce, Barre, Dance, Tai Chi and so many others. 

Even though YMCA is not a small business it is a wonderful organization that gives back so much to our community.

I love the new one in the Church Health Center which is another great organization in the Mid-Town area! 

Church Health has so many activities going on you definitely have to check out their website, especially for Fitness Classes. They have classes on health & education, mindfulness, cooking classes, creative dance as well as workshops going on all the time. I absolutely love this place!

Here are some great stocking stuffer ideas

I recently met Morgan Tibbens who is a young #entrepreneur who's goal is to pay her way to college. Morgan is a vibrant special needs young lady, however she has embraced her beautiful self and focuses on her #goals and proceeds to make them happen! She makes bath and body products but my favorite is her #bathbombs. #lemongrass if my fav!

Check out her facebook page and follow her and her success!


This little shop of oils is da-bomb! From savory high quality #OliveOils from #Italy along with the tasty #vinaigrettes it has so many great gift items that would be great little happys and stuffers for almost anyone! They even have olive 101 and cooking classes! You have got to check out their shop! FREE Tastings, you can try them ALL!!! 

How about a cup of tea?


My Cup of Tea is a locally owned small business. Their tea packaging and distribution, started in 2006 and has become a social enterprise in Orange Mound and now exists to train women in the 38111 and 38104 zip codes.

Their mission is to walk with women beyond the boundaries of poverty and neglect and assist them in finding their purpose.

This is such a wonderful organization I encourage you to check out their site as well as their wonderful teas and gift items.


Check out these shops too:

Maggie's Pharmis a neat little shop with soaps, oils, clays, hennas and all kinds of fun healthy gift items.

Victory Bicycle Studio - accessories, socks, water bottles, etc

Fleet Feet- shoes, sunglasses, training sessions and more

Healthy Food Stands & Restaurants / Take Out

The Pink Bakery- for healthier treats, cookies and cakes

Happy Shopping!

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