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Focus. Enhance. Thrive.

Our mission: To inspire healthy behaviors from the home and into the work place through a more holistic approach for optimal over all well-being. 


HEALTHY MIDSOUTH was birthed from Miranda Griffin's journey through her personal health scare.  


For a period of 13 years, Miranda’s health situations went from migraines, sinus infections, Fibromyalgia, Raynaud's Syndrome, debilitating pain in her joints along with endured major loss of muscle mass. Miranda was finally diagnosed with RA and Lupus. Over a period of time, Miranda continued to take simple and consistent steps that returned her to a state of good health. 

She surrounded herself with others that assisted, encouraged and guided her to where she is now - Thriving Not Just Surviving!

Maintaining good health is a foundation of a life of longevity. Through her 13 years of health deterioration she became aware of the many people that were in the same health deteriorated conditions.  A desire to see others thrive in good health and not just survive became her mission.

Her passion now is to inform others on how simple it is to prevent, improve and many times recovery from the surviving state of health to a thriving state of health. She says "Now, knowing what I know, I have to share this gift of hope! Healthy Mid-South has strategies, education and simple steps to assist you into moving in a healthy direction to thrive and not just survive.

During the last nine years Miranda has connected and worked with other wellness professionals that understand the power of "knowing".


To have the power to know, the power to understand and the power to implement is the power to live a healthy, fruitful and life of longevity.  Miranda’s desire to inspire others to walk the path of thriving and not just striving has helped her to develop a program that would bring health awareness to our community.

Our goal is to educate and provide simple steps and solutions for longevity, prevention and or healing.

"It's never too late to start getting healthy!"



HEALTHY MIDSOUTH is geared towards achieving personal health and optimal over all well-being. We develop each engagement to the client’s specifications and request.

Our goal is to create a simple, strategic format that will improve and enhance the lives we engage with.



HEALTHY MIDSOUTH will design and develop a wellness program that customized by the clients request to meet the goals of their target area. 

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