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Miranda is a Wellness Coordinator with Healthy MidSouth and The Juice Plus Company.

Growing up in the South, she understands that we are in a society of overabundance of what "not to eat". Throughout her life she lived with migraines, sinus infections, a lot of over the counter medications, doctor visits and prescriptions. Later in life she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Raynaud's Syndrome. Then about eight years ago, while going through menopause, she lost half her hair, developed major debilitating pain in her joints and endured major loss of muscle mass. She became very lethargic and weak. After two and half years of testing, Miranda was finally diagnosed with RA and Lupus. In the past 6 years, she has highly improving these severe health issues while getting off all eight of her prescription medications.

Because of this inspiring journey, she began to tell her story of healing and prevention. Her mission is to share hope by educating you with simple steps that could literally change your life.

Her motto is "It's never too late to start getting healthy!"




“Mary Lou, knows what to do” is something constantly said by families about Mary Lou.  As the oldest and only daughter of aging parents who live a far distance from her, the reality of getting care is personal, tangible and familiar.  She works tirelessly to provide genuine care to soothe concerns of elders when they realize help is needed beyond their circle of close family and friends.  The caregivers she hires are held to high standards; each is mature, kind, and engaging.

 Mary Lou began providing client care over 15 years ago at a 500 bed community hospital where she was the recipient of the “Friend of Nursing Award”.  As the managing partner of Mid South Home Helpers: In-Home Care for over 7 years, she has become an expert in navigating the family care journey. Seeing a need, she initiated an innovative program to save seniors thousands during the deductible/elimination period of Long Term Care Insurance policies.  

 Drawing upon her 25+ years of human resources, employee relations, recruiting and retention experience, her formal education at Cornell University, past Senior Professional designation with the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), BA from Muhlenburg College and years of senior management experience, Mary Lou continues to be successful at keeping operations running smoothly.

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Susanne Edson R.N. has been a nurse for almost 40 years; she has specialized in Neo Natal Intensive Care at Grady Memorial Hospital and Children’s Emergency Room at Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital in Atlanta, GA. 

In 1996, while a nurse in Atlanta, she was introduced to a Whole Food Nutritional Concept called Juice Plus.  Rather than trying to fix what was already broken in her Emergency Room position, Susanne left her nursing job in 1998 to pursue the Wellness Industry by sharing the benefits of whole food nutrition. This also gave her time freedom to raise her two young daughters. Susanne is a certified Dr. Sears Wellness Coach as well as a Food over Medicine Certified Instructor. She enjoys traveling around the World and sharing her story of health and hope. 



David graduated with his Master of Physical Therapy degree in 2002 from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC). In August 2006, he achieved Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) credentialing with the McKenzie Institute, an international institute specializing in assessment and treatment of muscusculoskeletal spine and extremity disorders.

Since October 2007, he has co-owned and provided care at MidSouth Orthopaedic Rehabilitation. David is actively involved with the Practice Based Evidence Research Network which has published 5 studies on the assessment and treatment of low back and neck pain. Their papers have been published in the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy (JOSPT), the Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy (JMMT) and more recently in Physiotherapy Research International. Winner of the John Medeiros Award in 2010 from JMMT for the paper with the most impact, that is felt will most influence clinical practice, and that has the greatest opportunity for citations and the D. L. Hart International Research Award in 2016 from Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes. MOR has been a Finalist and Favorite in the Commercial Appeal’s Memphis Most Contest for Best Sports Medicine Clinic 2011 and 2013. David is ranked in the top 10% nationally for efficiency and effectiveness outcomes for orthopaedic conditions!





Lee Ann’s passion is to help people learn how to live the healthiest, happiest, most fulfilling lives possible.

As a Master's level psychologist, counselor, a Wellness & Epigenetics Coach, a Neurofeedback provider, a stress resilience expert and a lover of God and people, Lee Ann gives her clients the type of care that is well rounded, holistic, and evidence based. Even more importantly, she helps people learn how to take care of themselves and become their own healers. Lee Ann goes above and beyond in serving the families that come to NeuroSource.

Neurotherapies, nutritional and epigenetics coaching, and learning effective stress management skills have all been a great help in Lee Ann’s own healing journey. These tools helped her break through some long standing trauma and health issues in ways that other healing modalities had not. She has been able to use her education and personal traumas and healing experiences to offer transformational services to people who want to improve their lives.

Shawn Coopwood is a licensed massage therapist with the Lindsey Group in Germantown, TN since 2011.  He has enjoyed working on individuals with massage since he was

12 years old. Shawn’s personal experience with disc herniations and sciatica has given him the knowledge  to help individuals with irregular muscle patterns that can lead to tension and pain.







Terry Mecklin has worked 30 years in the field of Physical Therapy as a PTA.  She holds a BA, an Associate of Physical Therapy is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner and Certified Essential Oil Coach.

Terry is passionate about empowering others to take charge of their health and loves to teach. In 2016 she opened her business Learning Health and Wellness, LLC where she teaches classes and workshops on 3D Anatomy,

Kinesio Taping, Essential Oils and general Health and Wellness.  She also works one to one with clients to assist them in living healthier, happier lives.  

Tim Flesner is a business consultant who partners with business owners and leaders to grow their business by offering innovative and practical solutions in all aspects of business, from best practices to personal and professional development. With 20+ years’ experience in the logistics industry, he has insight in key principles in business and basic operations. The last 15 years have been focused on training, facilitation and curriculum development.  Tim was responsible for compliance and safety, leadership and team development and the oversight of companywide training and professional growth programs in conjunction with planning, policies and procedure management and continuous improvement initiatives.


Through some adverse circumstances, Tim has had to redefine himself over the past several years. He is a certified DISC behavioral analyst through TTI Success Insights as well as a trainer, speaker and coach with the John Maxwell Team.


This journey is establishing some foundational belief systems for which he is passionate. Tim genuinely enjoys helping others be successful through all stages of this life journey.

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