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Miranda is a Wellness Coordinator with Healthy MidSouth and The Juice Plus Company.

Growing up in the South, she understands that we are in a society of overabundance of what "not to eat". Throughout her life she lived with migraines, sinus infections, a lot of over the counter medications, doctor visits and prescriptions. Later in life she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Raynaud's Syndrome. Several years later, while going through menopause, she lost half her hair, developed major debilitating pain in her joints and endured major loss of muscle mass. She became very lethargic and weak. After two and half years of testing, Miranda was finally diagnosed with RA and Lupus. In the past several years, she has highly improving these severe health issues while getting off all eight of her prescription medications.

Because of this inspiring journey, she began to tell her story of healing and prevention. Her mission is to share hope by educating you with simple steps that could literally change your life.

Her motto is "It's never too late to start getting healthy!"




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