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3 things I would tell my younger self

Updated: Oct 4, 2018


How many of us literally waste precious time?

Everyone, at some point in life, experiences their  "life is short" moment. I've had 3 of these experiences now, to date. The first occurred January 1, 2010 when one of my very best friends of 15 years passed away. Shortly after that I experienced painful, debilitating, health issues of my own. And now,  just a few weeks ago ... my father passed away  … somewhat unexpectedly.

Through each of these experiences  there was, and still is, a roller coaster of emotions. I continue to say that because it's  exactly that, a roller coaster ride! 

You're up, down sideways, upside down and backwards. In many cases, all at the same time! We know life goes on but the pain and difficulty sometimes is not so easy to over come for some of us ...

"Life is short. The reality of death should impact the way we live and be mindful with the end in mind." unknown

What if we could prepare ourselves a little bit more. What if all our actions were invested to leave a #purposeful #legacy. What if we were #intentional with every choice we made to be a positive influence?

We know there is no exact answer here but ...

What if we could go back to our young adult life, what would you say to prepare for the future and lasting legacy?

If I went back to my younger me, I would tell myself 3 things.

  1. Eat more #veggies - LOL - out loud!!! I have to say that everyone who knows me well, will tell you this is my motto, especially since it's what changed my life. The not so funny part about this, is that my mother did tell me I needed to eat more but what kid listens to their parents!? However, maybe I would listen to myself! Good - Clean - Food IS fuel for the mind, body and soul! With out it, you will not be your best. #ListenToYourMother

  2. Be intentional. Every choice you make is an investment in you. There are a lot of good choices out there but is that next choice your best one? There is a ripple effect with each thing you do so make it count!

  3. It's been said, your the sum of the 5 people you hang around the most. Make sure you surround yourself with others that will lift you up, motivate you, build you up and not tear you down! These are those who I call "my eagles" today!

I am certain there is a lot more I could tell my younger self to do to be a better me in the future. However, the bottom line is, if we each can demonstrate how to do these 3 simple things, imagine who's lives can be touched for the better.

In memory of my father.
#Invest in yourself to leave a #purposeful #legacy.
RIP Charles Petty. You will be missed.

"Invest in yourself to leave a #purposeful #legacy"

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