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7 Simple Steps To A Healthier You

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

“Invest in you, you’re all you got!” This is a quote that I continually express.

I even follow it up with “You can’t trade yourself in for a new one!”

Miranda Griffin

"What you do, think and react to, there is a ripple effect. Make yours count!" Miranda Griffin

As I sit here with my father in the hospital, watching him struggle to breathe, I reflect on the value of life. Many times we joke about “we only live life once”, “we all are going to die someday”, “it’s my body, I can do what I want”. These are just a few statements of what I hear often. Yes they are all true however do we realize what we are really doing to ourselves with our choices?

Our world is full of sickness and disease. We feel hurt and pain. This is when we really realize what we take for granted.

Something as simple as stumping a toe, we realize that we forget how hard it is to walk with constant pain and even how hard it is to wear shoes! Even other side affects from simply stumping a toe. Imagine being told you have cancer, heart disease or diabetes.

Going through any kind of illness, we then begin to appreciate life a little more. We start questioning ourselves

“How did we get here?

Why is this happening to me?”

We will never truly know the complete story of “why” but ask yourself, “when do we grow into truly valuing life altogether?”

After my own health scare I began to see life in a different perspective. My heart goes out to those hurting and going through physical struggles.

On the flipside it’s frustrating too. Knowing what I’ve learned and overcome, I see the #simplesteps others can take to #prevent, #improve and in some cases #heal #sickness and #disease yet they will not take action. It truly will break your heart.

Remember the saying “You can lead a horse to water…

But you can’t make him drink”.

But I love a quote I recently heard “but you can make him thirsty! I love that!

This is exactly what our mission at #HealthyMidSouth is all about. To make you thirsty for knowledge, truth and encouragement!

I cannot change anyone, however, I can guide others in the right direction to take simple steps towards positive change. Change to improve in your health, relationships, even your finances. Being the healthiest you reflects in everything. Remember every choice you make, EVERY CHOICE, is an #investment in you.

What you do, think and react to, there is a #rippleeffect.

Make yours count!

Simple Steps To A Healthier You

1. Sleep - 7 to 8 hrs a day.

2. Hydrate - 1/2 your body weight in ounces

of water everyday.

3. Eat your fruits & veggies 9 to 13 servings

Preferably raw or steamed.

Not over cooked.

4. Exercise

Move 20 minutes a day to stimulate

and build energy within your body.

5. Quiet time

Meditation or decompress by relaxing in total silence. .

6. Weekly Preparation

Plan your week scheduling & food prepping.

7. Educate Yourself

Reading a good book that can inspire you to grow.

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