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A Doctors view of Cell Therapy

Dr. Larry is not only compassionate but his knowledge of orthopedics is astounding. What I love most about him and his practice is that he is all about what is best for his patients. If there is a more noninvasive way to treat an issue, he is all about it, especially when it comes to Orthopedic care.

A little more about Dr. Larry Schrader

Dr. Schrader performs surgery at Delta Medical Center in Memphis and at St. Francis Bartlett. He is also the Orthopedic Consultant for the Arlington Developmental Center. He has introduced new technologies to the Midsouth.  He was the first surgeon in Tennessee to perform the partial procedure, which he has been doing since 1996. This procedure allows a virtually outpatient partial knee replacement, offering minimal time off work and rapid rehabilitation. This technique can provide many years of pain relief for those with knee arthritis, and can delay, if not entirely eliminate the need for total knee replacement surgery. Of course, if a total joint replacement is needed, Dr. Schrader has extensive training and experience in all forms of joint reconstruction, and was among the first surgeons approved by the F.D.A. to use the mobile-bearing knee implant.  

Sports medicine, including counseling as well as the latest arthroscopic surgical techniques, are of interest to Dr. Schrader, owing to his athletic background as an All-American Athlete in college. He reentered the athletic arena in 1999, becoming an All-American again in Masters Track and Field, taking a Silver Medal in Hammer Throw at the National Championships in Orlando.

In 2000, he again competed in the Nationals and won the Silver Medal in the Hammer Throw. Competing in the SouthEastern Masters Championships he won the Gold Medal for the 35 lb weight throw. In 2001, he won three National titles in the Combined Power Lift, Bench Press, and the Curl. In track, Dr. Schrader won three National Titles in the 35 lb weight Super & Ultraweight throwing competition by throwing weights up to 300 lbs.

I recently asked Dr. Larry to give me his perspective of why Stem Cell Therapy. Not only has he had the treatment himself, he also knows that if you have the opportunity to undergo something less invasive it can be truly beneficially. Stem Cell Therapy is better for the body, faster recovery and definatley less issues that can derive from surgery itself.

"My training involves surgically altering a diseased body, but I cannot MAKE any patient heal." Dr. Larry Schrader

In general the profession of medicine is to evaluate, determine causes, recommend and provide care. The goal is always to relieve pain or discomfort. This must include considering any and all forms of treatment ranging from simple explanation, physical therapies, natural remedies (remembering, most drugs are derived from natural plant sources), medicines, to surgery. How a patient responds should be evaluated by their comfort and function. The goal is to restore a patient to participation in their lives with pleasure. As a surgeon I can participate in all of these. My training involves surgically altering a diseased body, but I cannot MAKE any patient heal. Their damaged body is altered to improve things, but their body has not been restored to normal. Surgery is appropriate many times, but there can be large risks related to anesthesia, infections, and failures. Similarly medicines have failures, side effects, and complication. Listen to a typical drug commercial and you will find that these medicines can cause liver failure, heart failure, tuberculosis, cancer and death.

"Surgery is appropriate many times, but there can be large risks related to anesthesia, infections, and failures."

Physicians need to make sure that the treatment is not worse than the disease. The ideal treatment would actually restore healthy tissue by encouraging your own body to repair and heal itself, and have little or no side effects or complications. If this can be done without medicines or surgery, then physician and patients should be excited to pursue it. I have never heard from any scientific source other than that Stem Cells are the future of medical treatment. Your own stem cells have the ability to change and grow into new healthy tissue. So why hasn’t this been pursued and offered to patients?

All sources recognize the potential for managing or even curing a multitude of diseases with stem cells. Well it is primarily a question of who controls (owns) this treatment. Neither drug companies nor their surrogate researchers want to allow Doctors to move forward with this and cut them out. The public should be aware that personal cell therapy is available today under control of your physician. Our progress has been limited by government (big pharma), but presently we have seen remarkable results in thousands of patients and many conditions. This has been my experience. I still operate if needed, and I am happy with my outcome. We can do better with little or no risk if stem cells are part of our armamentarium. Taking your own stem cells and deploying them where needed is NOT A DRUG as is asserted. Nothing is manufactured. There is not a “manufacturer” who owns your cells. There can be no pharmacologic "consistency and manufacturing standards” as the government insists. Each treatment is individual with differing amounts of cells recovered and are not for sale to other persons. You cannot catch a disease from yourself, and it has no caused cancers or other things as a side effect.

"I choose to employ all options to help my patients, including Personal Stem Cell Therapy which is the most promising."

written by Dr. Larry Schrader

Botton line, if there is a noninvasive approach to surgery, that should always be the better choice for optimal health and healing.

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